• ​RUNNING This is Road Fitness' favorite cardio workout. Running is good for your heart, lungs, core, muscles, bones, brain, and spirit. Whether you're a beginner who wants to shed some extra pounds or an experienced racer who wants to beat your personal record in a distance, Road Fitness will help you see results. There are multiple scenic routes throughout the north shore that can be explored on foot. Let us be your tour guide.
  • BUILD ENDURANCE You will have more energy for a longer amount of time by developing your endurance. Different methods of training and specific exercises can help you achieve this. With better endurance, your cardiovascular and respiratory systems will function more efficiently.
  • CORE WORKOUTS Your core is the center of your universe. It includes all of your abdominal muscles, diaphragm, back muscles and pelvic muscles. Professional athletes in all sports have discovered that they perform their best, when their core is strong.  Your goal may not be in professional sports, but you may want to be the best you can be. A Road Fitness professional will help you strengthen your core so you can hit that tennis ball a little harder, swing that golf ball a little farther, run your race a little faster, or just feel better overall.
  • ​SPEED WORKOUTS If getting faster is your goal, speed workouts are the key to success. Plyometric box jumps, tempo runs, and interval and stride training increase your ability to run faster paces. These exercises can be performed under the guidance of a Road Fitness trainer in the studio, at the track, or at the gym.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT A healthy weight means a healthy you. Your ideal weight is different from anybody else's, but you do have one. Achieving your ideal weight and managing it also means managing your blood pressure, cholesterol, mobility, respiration, and mood. You can reach your goal and maintain it through a program designed by a Road Fitness professional to meet your individual needs
  • STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Free weights, resistance training, calisthenics, and aerobics are all proven to be effective exercises to build your strength and condition your body. A Road Fitness professional will assist you in proper form and technique in your own exercise prescription.
  • NUTRITION What you put into your body is the single most important aspect of your overall health and fitness. Eat healthy, live healthy. Food is your fuel and if you're not fueling properly, you won't perform to the best of your ability. A Road Fitness professional will assist you in making healthy choices and plan meals specific to your body type.


Welcome to Road Fitness, where your health and fitness is the priority. A personal trainer will accompany you on your journey to a stronger, faster, and yes, happier state.  Enjoy the ride!